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119 EUR

Smartly lidded with a cutting board, this sleek steel BREAD BOX keeps your loaves and rolls fresh and makes your kitchen look even fresher.

But of course it doesn’t just store breads; this strong yet elegant container will do just as well with onions, apples, and any other culinary essentials.

Made of solid oak wood and powder-coated steel.

35 x 22 x 15.5 cm

Design by 45 KILO. Made in Europe.

Editorial photography by Christian Werner.

At MY KILOS, designing first and foremost means formulating a standard. Founded in 2013 the design approach of the Berlin-based label can best be summed up as “redesign”, as a lot of designs are based on specific models. MY KILOS keep what they like about a design and update the rest.

All of their furniture and accessories are made in Europe: most in Germany, and from naturally aging materials such as untreated wood, raw copper and stone. They speak a very clear and clean visual language, their focus is on functionality and sustainability — and they work just as good in private apartments as in offices. 

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