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31 EUR

Squirrel Cage mimics the old incandescent aesthetic. Eight golden sapphire filaments are enveloped by a slightly coloured traditional blown glass form. Finally sustainability doesn‘t have to come at the cost of design!

Squirrel Cage - 6,4 × 14 cm, Base: E22/E27/B22, Switch Cycles: 30,000


120 - 240V

3 Watt

CRI > 95

Dimmable with Trailing Edge dimmers

240 Lumens

Mercury Free

80 Lumens / Watt

Warm Tinted: 2200K

Switch Cycles: 20,000

Watt Replacement: 25W

Average LIfespan: 30,000 hours

Working Temperature -20°C to 40°C

Weight: without packaging: 50 g/with: 150 g

Made in Sweden by Tala

Defining new classics.

MYKILOS unique style combines iconic qualities of the past with the fresh spirit of our present. We believe that good design intuitively reacts to the dynamics of the contemporary, maintaining values of high standard.

MYKILOS represents the social and the outgoing. We believe positive energy can connect the dots. Our customers are our friends and inspiration.

Rational seriousness with that gentle touch is our way to express German quality and Berlin creativity.

Gently industrial, honestly made.

MYKILOS, a design label founded by the design duo Daniel Klapsing and Philipp Schöpfer has gained its expertise in furniture design which later expanded into bigger projects. Being experts in designing kitchen and creating exceptional products, naturally led the designers into designing interiors in a wider sense. 
Today, the Berlin based label is a design shop for furniture and kitchens which provides design services. MYKILOS partners with the in-house design studio 45kilo which develops products and realize interior projects for corporate/private and fully furnish living spaces. The label’s vision is a place where people could purchase contemporary design pieces and at the same time have their kitchen or living space designed.

For more information about 45kilo design studio and all interior / kitchen projects please visit 45kilo.com

Established in Berlin, rooted in Bauhaus. 


Leipziger Str. 65, 10117 Berlin, Germany

MON - FRI    10:00 - 18:00
SAT    by appointment


fon   +49 30 89997144
email  info@mykilos.com

People currently working at MYKILOS 

Marie Stein ,Jennifer Witulla, Felix Volmari, Ina Schönack, Tal Engel, Daniel Klapsing,  Philipp Schöpfer

Former employees

Milou Bergs, Miriam Harig, Deni Pavicic, Coco Sandtner, Thomas Pieper, Michael Sellack, Simon Diener, Anneli Anglas Rodriguez, Nikolaus Bartke, Andreas Berschauer, Konrad Bialowas, Julian Bühler, Marie Dietz, Tal Engel, Lisa Ertel, Johanna Gauder, Ilja Huber, Lea Kaufmann, Pawel Koltonski, Anni Leo, Maria Neumann, Johanna Niehaus, Hanne Platteeuw, Jakob Ruhe, Marta Suslow, Diana Artemis Tsantekidou, Jieun Yoo